Saturday, April 29, 2006

Computers  Cell Phones  Stuff  Best-Buys

This is a Shameless post (plug) passing on Important affiliate news...
LinkShare; an Affiliate Host jus changed all the code for their links

Rather than spend hours going crazier than I already am, I simply made a couple of quicky sites passing on tha Good News.
Here you can find   My Cell Phone stores   where most all carriers and many plans are available for credit card holders;  
Where They Pay You to use their phones.
There is a link for pay as you go with many phones available also

My Tiger Direct Store features over 50,000 items. I have a long order history with them.

My Dell Store has much besides computer towers & notebooks, camera's, printers, supplies; So much to see!

My Apple Store    also    Apple Store Canada featuring all things Mac Power-House Computers & don't forget their many iPods.

(All stores have secure ordering)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Laid back in NW Ar

[ A picture blog ]
Some times a person has to do something for them selfs.
Drive a few hundred miles or so to beautiful Spgdale Ar

Camp at Hickory Creek State Park.
Pitch a tent, build a fire and enjoy.
Freeze one night and get a sun burn the next day.
Cook over a wood fire.
Smell and taste tha smoke of hard wood in your food.
Remember to add onions to them taters.

(Don't forget to take extra batteries for your camera)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How to pitch a tent /Grandchildren

Although some might not think this is a regular blog post, I beg tha question;
Why not? Its a web log! Its my grandkids!
You may watch this as a slideshow But; If you click one at a time it tells a fun story!

This was tha boss He said, alright Pilgrim, Lets do it!