Saturday, April 29, 2006

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This is a Shameless post (plug) passing on Important affiliate news...
LinkShare; an Affiliate Host jus changed all the code for their links

Rather than spend hours going crazier than I already am, I simply made a couple of quicky sites passing on tha Good News.
Here you can find   My Cell Phone stores   where most all carriers and many plans are available for credit card holders;  
Where They Pay You to use their phones.
There is a link for pay as you go with many phones available also

My Tiger Direct Store features over 50,000 items. I have a long order history with them.

My Dell Store has much besides computer towers & notebooks, camera's, printers, supplies; So much to see!

My Apple Store    also    Apple Store Canada featuring all things Mac Power-House Computers & don't forget their many iPods.

(All stores have secure ordering)