Monday, November 14, 2005

Gardening & Selling Produce

I blog part time. Garden in season full time. Have Fun anytime!

I didn't start gardening to sell produce at our Produce Stand
Near as I remember, my first garden was a 'Victory Garden'
about 60 years ago.
If memory serves, I recall at least one seed sprouted.
Excited was an understatement. I still get excited seeing that today.

My continuing interest most likely was sparked by an uncle letting me plow behind his mule. My Grandfather had an old horse he plowed with and would let me help sometimes.

Most of 11 Aunts & Uncles did some farming or gardening.
They proved that something besides rocks would grow in that part of
SE Oklahoma
where there were no lakes, but lots of one room school houses.
Today; If you knew tha spot you might fish over my old school at Sardis Lake.

My favorite gardening forum is Dave's Garden

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Linda K said...

Hey, I didn't know anyone my age does this!